Do you want to achieve SMOOTH SOFT heels on your feet!

This is one of the TOOLS you need to achieve pedicure results!

PUMICE BAR: ($6.50) Use the double sided pumice bar to exfoliate the heels and balls of feet while in the shower or during a water bath pedicure.

Pumice Bar will get rid of hard dry dead skin on heels, balls, and sides of feet. With regular use, the bottoms of your feet will feel BUTTER soft!

We recommend using the pumice bar in conjunction with the Peppermint Foot Repair cream and the Gel-Lined socks to invigorate & soften tired aching feet.
The yellow side of the pumice bar is the “medium” side and the blue side is the “course” side used to combat extremely hard and dry heels.
Or purchase this item together in our 3 piece Foot Repair Kit by CLICKING HERE 
Pumice Bar

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