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Crème de La Crème 

 Best of the Best ♦ Luxury Facial Moisturizing Oil

“Crème de La Crème" lives up to it's name because IT WORKS!

This lightweight quick absorbing facial oil will have your face as soft as a baby’s tush. Our unique formula of rich ingredients work together to transform your complexion, reducing the appearance of scars, hyperpigmentation & age spots while leaving skin supple & hydrated. Also helps to reduce dryness & redness caused by rosacea, soothe eczema outbreaks & promote growth of thinning hairline & eyelashes. 

Great things come in small packages & this bottle contains only the purest in lightweight oils that are perfect for the face, absorbing quickly into the skin. These nutrient-rich oils are then steeped in organic Rose Petals or organic Lavender Buds & Rose Hip Seeds for 4 weeks. Rose Hip oil is the only plant based oil that contains Retinol (Vitamin A) which combats wrinkles, sun damage & uneven skin tone. Ideal for drier skin. 

This oil pairs perfectly with our Dream Cream facial moisturizing cream.  By adding 2-3 drops of this oil to a pea size amount of Dream Cream will give your face a vitamin and mineral infusion that will sky rocket your results. We wanted YOU to be in the driver's seat and control the amount of oil that's added to your Dream Cream, if any.  Different skin types react differently to varying amounts of oil when it comes to our faces.

Our product trials have proven that by adding a few simple drops of our Crème De La Crème facial oil to our new tailor-made Dream Cream formula, the results will be even more astonishing. We guarantee that the skin on your face will never feel the same!  

Of course The Crème De La Crème or Dream Cream can be used alone for those who have skin that is extremely sensitive to external oils. However, for facial skin that is not overly sensitive to light weight fast absorbing oils, we recommend combining these 2 products to create a SUPER POWER nutritional boost to achieve the absolute best results. You can find our Dream Cream by clicking HERE. 


Only 2-3 oil drops are needed for each application. That's an 8-12 month supply in each bottle to achieve incredible skin! We promise you will not find a luxury facial moisturizer that does so much! 


  • Rose Hip Oil 
  • Pro-Vitamin-A
  • Pure Vitamin E Oil (Non GMO)
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Vitamin-C
  • Argan Oil 
  • Apricot Oil

***French Lavender Essential oil is added for the Lavender option

Luxury Facial Moisturizer - Pro Vitamin A Retinol, Vitamin C Formula
6800 15000

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