Miracle Butter Cream

Our signature body butters hydrate dry skin, fade dark marks & clear eczema. Use on skin, hair & scalp.

Sensitive Skin

Perfect for your face or skin to help eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and allergies

Luxury Face Moisturizer

Look years younger. Pro Vitamin A, Retinol, Vitamin C Formula

All-Natural Deodorant

FINALLY A NATURAL DEO THAT WORKS! Aluminum Free, Baking Soda Free, Talc & GMO Free

Luxury Body Oil

An exquisite head-to-toe "vitamin-rich" combination of decadent oils

Men's Product Line

Our Men's beard balm & oils can be used interchangeable on hair, skin, & beards alike.

    100% made with cocoa, mango, shea butters and premium oils.

  • RATED #1

    Best Skin Care Products with no parabens, fillers, water, alcohol, or preservatives!


    We know you'll find your favorite with or variety of scents.


    Receive package in 2-5 days wrapped special during the summer to keep your product cool.

Luxury Body Oil -vs- Body Butter

Our most celebrated creation, the signature Miracle Butter Cream Body Butter, is renowned for its exquisite range of 18 delightful scents, along with an unscented, fragrance-free option. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, this luxurious body butter provides unparalleled hydration and nourishment.

However, as much as we adore all-natural body butters, it's essential to recognize that during the summer months, they can melt during shipping. While we take every precaution to deliver the butter cream intact, sometimes the summer heat prevails. If you prefer to avoid the risk of melting, we recommend trying our exceptional body oils.

Our Luxe Body Oils feature a perfectly curated blend of nine of the most premium oils available on the market. We dare you to compare our body oil to any luxury brand—we are confident that our ingredients are superior. Experience the richness and quality of our body oils, perfect for those who seek the finest in natural skincare. Click Here to see our selection of oils.

Moroccan Sun Miracle Butter Cream is the #1 Seller

Loved by many!

#1 SELLER Moroccan Sun Miracle Butter Cream

Discover the hidden warmth of the Moroccan Sun Miracle Butter Cream! Experience absolute bliss with this luxurious body butter or body oil that nourishes, softens, and brings out your exotic side.  It's true notes are an elegant combination of pistachio top notes, a sweetened heart of jasmine with a slight hint of vanilla in the middle, and a woodsy base of musk that includes amber and sandalwood.

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Facial Products

Miracle Butter Cream All-Natural Deodorant, miraclebuttercream.com

All Natural Deodorant

choose from 6 scents

Made from all-natural zinc oxide is the HERO ingredient and no added aluminum, baking soda or magnesium derivatives.

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Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews

Celebrity Influencer & Actress LOVES Miracle Butter Cream and Tab never does a review unless she truly loves the products.  Here's what Tab had to say, "I use their lotion, the Butter Cream already... their product is so GOOD, I absolutely LOVE IT!"


I am totally in love with "White Tea" and "Amber." They both smell delicious and I can't get enough of it. It makes my skin super soft and I will definitely be ordering more!

Amina, NYC

This Miracle Butter Cream smells so good! Not only does it leave my skin feeling soft to the touch, but taking a whiff from the jar is like aroma therapy. Highly recommended!

Theresa Green

Incredible lotion for sensitive face. No irritation whatsoever, makes a very soft skin and gets absorbed quickly.

E Sharon

I love your miracle butter creme! I can’t stop using it and have to hide from my girls! 🙄 it makes my skin feel so soft, smooth and moisturized. My favorite is amber! Buying more today! Get this product into Bloomies girl!!!! 😂😂😂

Darlene Holmes

Incredible all around product! I added it to my beauty routine and it works wonders on my skin. Give your body a luxurious treat and pamper yourself with Miracle Butter Cream!

Many Perez

Mama Sita, I put your cream on my son Micah's large eczema patch and the next day it was barely noticeable! I had to do a double-take when I was trying to find it to put more cream on it! THE NEXT DAY!! WOW

Debbie Lee, NJ
Meet Mama Sita Lewis, owner of Miracle Butter Cream, miraclebuttercream.com

Meet Mama Sita

Hey there, I’m Sita Lewis, but you can call me “Mama Sita”! I’ve gone from producing TV to teaching culinary and now I’m your skincare guru. My all-natural skincare recipes have worked wonders for so many. Curious about my superpower? It’s my unwavering faith in God knowing that “ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD, TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.”

Get to know even more about Mama Sita - HERE