100% Pure Premium Luxury Body Oil for Face, Skin, & Hair.

4oz. Airless Bottle $44


Unlike other brands, our luxury body oil contains:

This uniquely exquisite "VITAMIN-RICH" combination of decadent oils are rapidly absorbed into the skin, leaving skin youthful, luminous, and silky smooth.


Features 9 Exotic LUXURY OILS Imported from
Indonesia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Israel, Africa & Chile.


INGREDIENTS: Each bottle contains a perfect blend of "100% PURE" Vitamin E, Argan, Marula, Apricot, Avocado, Jojoba, Castor, Grape Seed and Abyssinian Oils.

Choose from:

BLACKCHERRY WOODS- black cherry with a touch of citrus enhance this fragrance. Amber, sugar, and vanilla base notes reinforce the sweetness of this scent, while musk and freesia add a light earthy dimension. (Unisex)

AMBER- Soft notes of Pachouli, Sandalwood, & Lemon- A TOP SELLER FOR MEN & WOMEN!

LAVENDER-BABY- If you love the soothing scent of pure lavender and add a hint of the baby smell. That’s what you get with this intoxicating calming scent. It’ll put you right to sleep and get you ready to relax. (Unisex)

PURE LAVENDER- For those who LOVE pure essential oils, Pure lavender is great for soothing and relaxation!

MANGO-TANGO- An exotic fusion of fresh mango and ripe tangerine. Subtle tropical notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut.

ROSE-WATER- Light, Fresh, & Clean this scent captures the essence of a rose garden in bloom. This modern, floral experience begins with faint notes of green leaves, lemon, and spice with light touches of violet that boost the natural rose essence at the heart, then base notes of honey and sandalwood add an earthy, sweet touch.

HONEY-GINGER- Infused with natural essential oils, including ginger, cedar-wood  geranium and patchouli. AMAZINGLY FRESH & CLEAN! (Unisex)

LEMON GRASS- Fresh bursts of clean lemons mixed with sweet, fresh lemongrass. The lemon essential oil in this scent helps to fade dark marks. Our lemon grass oil is also an excellent natural bug repellant to keep pesky mosquitos away from your skin. 

GRAPEFRUIT-LEMONADE- Bursts of grapefruit, lemon & lemongrass essential oils. Fresh, Clean, inviting Scent. This scent will make the whole room smell AMAZING like you just lit a candle! (Unisex)

ALMOND CREAM- Sweet Almond & Vanilla Cream. Soft & Sweet. (Unisex)

PINA COLADA- A sweet explosion of tropical fruit & rum.. hints of Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Melon, Coconut, Jasmine, & Vanilla)

WHITE TEA- Clean Notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Thyme, Ginger, & Lemon. (Unisex) Clean Fresh Scent

UNSCENTED- (100% All Natural - Fragrance Free) Recommended for use on children, or those who suffer from allergies, eczema, psoriasis or as a facial/ eye cream.

CEDAR-WOOD VANILLA Cedarwood has a delightfully earthy tone and a strong woody base. It's blended with a classic vanilla and a touch of sweetness to create a fragrance that is both warm and sophisticated.

ROSEMARY MINT: Recommended for use as a scalp massage as it aids in stimulating hair growth. Also recommended for promoting clear and deep breathing. + Gives scalp that tingling feeling while it promotes nutrition for the hair follicles & overall hair growth.

The natural botanical oils present in this unique combination of luxury oils mimic the skin's natural oil production, creating incredible anti-aging results, increasing skin's elasticity and reducing the visible signs of aging.

👉🏼When using as a FACIAL moisturizer we recommend using "UNSCENTED" ONLY especially on skin around the eye area. Use as a night time face, neck, & chest moisturizer to reduce visible signs of wrinkles and hydrate your skin deep within.

USES: Use as a skin hydrator, scalp moisturizer, hair growth stimulator, beard smoother, massage oil, anti-aging facial night moisturizer (Unscented ONLY), eyelash growth serum (Unscented ONLY for eye areas), finger-nail/cuticle moisturizer, make-up remover, skin softener, and intimate lubricant (Unscented ONLY). USE FROM HEAD TO TOE!!!!

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Luxury Skin / Hair Body Oil 4oz.

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