Fancy Feet

Looking to get SILKY SOFT FEET in a flash?

No more dead skin or dry cracked heels on the bottoms of your feet. This patented foot file featuring NANO glass technology will have your feet as soft as a baby's bottom in 0-60 seconds.

File your feet while they're "dry", using our incredible innovative foot file that's our newest solution to transforming the skin on the bottoms of your feet. Your feet will become soft to the touch in an instant.

Watch the demo video by clicking HERE

After filing, once your feet are silky smooth, apply your favorite Miracle Butter Cream to your clean dry feet.  You can even use our exhilarating peppermint foot cream to relieve your achy tired feet and put a brand new pep in your step.  

This tool works better than anything you've ever seen on the market. And it's not dangerous like those cheese graters that can easily damage your feet.

It's safe to use and can easily be kept clean by rinsing with warm sudsy water.  

We also provide the perfect case for storing and travel. 


Foot File- Nano Glass Technology

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