Our handmade soap is gentle & luxurious & scented only w/ pure essential oils.

*Be sure to purchase our special SOAP BOX to preserve the life of your soaps. 

All of our soaps are so gentle they can be used on both FACE & BODY. 

And it's REAL soap that cleanses soothingly, healthfully, and thoroughly while leaving the skin refreshed and moisturized.  Most store bought soaps are made of harsh detergents like sulfates. They can disrupt the protective outer layer of human skin, leading to moisture loss and dryness. 

In our soap you will NOT find any fillers, detergents, or synthetic ingredients. All of our bars are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin, environmental worries, or who just wants a bar of REAL SOAP. 

Acne prone skin We suggest our Cedar wood & Tea Tree Charcoal Activated Black Soap to accomplish a smooth, soft & clear facial complex.

Extremely sensitive skin we suggest the all-natural unscented bar.

We strongly recommend our specially made SOAP BOX complete with interior draining tray to store your soap to help to slow down soap shrinkage caused from moisture and heat in the bathroom. Also great for taking your soap on the road. (Soap is not included with purchase of a soap box)

We scent our soaps with only the purest essential oils in 6 different varieties.  

    • Mandarin Dream - A wonderful light blend of lemon, lime, and grapefruit dancing above a base of blood orange.  It is sweet & bright.

    • Lemon Verbena - Fresh earthy, and citrusy, lemongrass smells like lemons, but it is milder, sweeter, and extremely approachable.

    • Lavender Breeze -  Strong aromatic, woodsy and herbaceous, rosemary plays wonderfully with this floral and calming lavender. The result is both herbal and floral. 

    • Mountain Mint- Sweet and calming spearmint is balanced out with fresh and invigorating eucalyptus. Turn your shower or bath into a mint steam machine and breathe easy. 

    • All Natural- No Scent Castile. Most Castile soaps on the market are made with palm, coconut and olive oil.  Our Castile soap is made the traditional way with 100% olive oil. It takes several months to cure properly, but is well worth the wait.  Carefully made from a very simple recipe, this is the most gentle soap we offer.  A hard bar that delivers a thorough clean and a wonderfully creamy lather.

    • Cedar Wood Birch- (This is our Charcoal Activated Black Soap) Tea tree has a fresh aromatic scent while cedar wood has a warm, woodsy aroma.
    • Appalachian Woods- Imagine walking through a New England forest. pine, fir, and cedar wood play wonderfully with deeper oak moss resulting in a deep and complex woodsy scent. 
    • Soap Ingredients: saponified olive oil • coconut • shea • castor • water • essential oils • sodium lactate
    • Charcoal Activated Soap Ingredients: saponified olive oil • coconut • shea • castor • water • essential oils • Activated Charcoal • sodium lactate


Facial & Body Soap

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