Every drop of Mama Sita's Miracle Butter Cream is worth its weight in GOLD! And should be treated with care. The base of Miracle Butter Cream is completely natural.  If you're using natural products you must understand the benefits as well as the drawbacks. The benefits include healthy vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that are absorbed directly into the skin and hair, locking in moisture. We cold-press our ingredients to maintain even more nutrients.  That means that we don't heat-treat our butters during the production process. Instead, we use machines strong enough to blend the hardest butters to a smooth creamy consistency. 

Once the butters reach a smooth soft consistency they can melt during travel or even melt once they reach their destination if they go through a HOT climate like Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, California, etc.

In hot climates or during Summer months we suggest refrigerating your butters for 30 min upon arrival. If melting has occurred, the butters will go back to solid fairly quickly. 

The good news, the butters are packaged in airtight acrylic mason jars so that no matter what the consistency, the butters will not leak from the jars. Again, if the butters melt, once they come back to room temperature, they will become a solid again. 

In rare cases, the butter consistency can become grainy and feel like it won't absorb into the skin. The graininess that develops in the all-natural butter cream is when the oils “crystallize” from melting and remelting due to hot storage conditions, as there are 9 fats in the product, with melting points of 75-100 degrees. The grains are actually the lauric acid and are the super healing parts of the butters and oils. You can smooth the balm out by scooping it out and placing it into a small glass or ceramic bowl and heating in the microwave (on low) for 10-15 seconds at a time.  Once it melts to a liquid pour it back into your Miracle Butter Cream container and refrigerate immediately. Once it becomes solid you can remove from the fridge. This will smooth the balm out. This small amount of low heat application will not harm the quality or nutritional value of the butters.

Again, the graininess is a rare occurrence.  Unfortunately, we CANNOT re-ship a new order if this happens because the same thing can potentially happen again and again. Just know that we will do everything on our end to deliver the best quality product, even freezing and insulating the product before shipping to extremely HOT climates during the summer months. 

If you live in an extremely hot climate and you don't want to take this chance, our liquid body and facial oils are great alternatives until you reach cooler temperatures in your area. 

KEEP WATER OUT OF YOUR BUTTERS AND OILS. The reason the butters have a 1 year shelf life is because we do NOT put water into the products. Bacteria can grow where water is present. The product does NOT contain chemical preservatives and as long as NO water enters the products, the butters are protected from bacterial growth.