Meet Mama Sita Lewis, owner of Miracle Butter Cream,

Meet Mama Sita

Hey there, it's me, Sita Lewis, but feel free to call me what my friends love to call me, “Mama Sita”.  My journey began after I graduated from Georgetown University. With my dad being the iconic boxing promoter, Butch Lewis, I naturally found my way into the entertainment world. Straight outta college I became a TV Producer cooking up shows that landed me national awards (like an NAACP Image Award).

I had the privilege of working on fun shows like "BET's Teen Summit," "BET News," and "Heart & Soul," where I also showed up on the BET screen as a beauty and culinary correspondent. But that was just the beginning of my exciting journey! I also cooked up some syndicated hits, like "The Ananda Lewis Show" and "The Bethenny Frankel Show." I even worked on variety shows like "Showtime at The Apollo", "America's Got Talent." And yes, reality TV too, casting for “Love & Hip-Hop NY."

As fate would have it, I found my way producing some heavy hitting culinary segments with none other than celeb chef and home expert, Martha Stewart, I mean wow, that's Snoop's homie, that's major. So not long after, I scored as a finalist on Season 11 of the Food Network's sizzlin' reality series, "Food Network Star!"

But wait, there's more! I love makin' dope recipes, so I took my culinary flair to NYC's inner-city youth, dishing up delicious lessons on healthy cooking. And guess what? One day I whipped up my own secret all-natural body cream recipe for my students who had severe eczema! Yep, you heard it right – my secret skin concoction. My students dove in making hundreds of jars as a class project and experiencing skin transformations along the way. It was nothing short of A MIRACLE – eczema's disappearing act, super-hair growth, and skin that stayed hydrated for 24 hours. Talk about results!

SENSITIVE SKIN (Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis) SOLD SEPARATELY,

I could NOT keep my formula under wraps for long. With friends and family raving about the miraculous outcomes, I decided to heed their cheers and share these God given ingredients with the world. Enter stage left: MAMA SITA'S MIRACLE BUTTER CREAM!

But wait, there's more! I know I've got an even bigger mission: and that's to get YOU fired up with the same love I get from my faith in GOD. Like for real, for real, Jesus is my ride or die and I could not do any of this without HIM. Trust me, I'm rock-solid on my favorite scripture: Romans 8:28 – "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD, TO THEM THAT LOVE GOD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE."

Now that's ME – Mama Sita, serving up wins on screen, miracles in a jar, and a whole lotta heart.