Discover the hidden warmth of the Moroccan Sun with our #1 SELLING Miracle Butter Cream! Experience absolute bliss with this luxurious body butter or body oil that nourishes, softens, and brings out your exotic side. Conquer your day with sensory splendor and enjoy skin that shines with every beat of the sun.

Hands Down- Our Best Selling Body Butter & Body Oil


Describing Moroccan Sun's scent is like wrapping yourself up in a favorite scented candle...warm, clean, fresh, yet subtle and soft! That's why we created a page just for Moroccan Sun.

It's in a class by itself. 

MOROCCAN SUN tantalizes with pistachio top notes, a sugary jasmine heart and a hint of vanilla, complemented by a woody base of musk, amber and sandalwood. Soft and chic, perfect for both men and women.

Perfect for Winter or Summer. 

*Moroccan Sun is also available in our best value bundle deal,  refill packs., or our exclusive Ceramic refillable dish.

TOP SELLER - Moroccan Sun - Miracle Butter Cream

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