Miracle Butter Cream

Men's Beard, Hair, & Skin Balm Refill

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Men's All-Natural Beard, Hair, & Skin Balm Refill 

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Beard, Hair, & Skin Balm is a 3-in-1 Butter-Rich formula made with the highest quality mango, cocoa, & shea butter + exotic vitamin-filled oils. Our raw-vegan formula is rich in vitamins and nutrients that moisturize beard, hair, and skin! It's an all-purpose buttercream that can be used from head-to-toe. This product will aid hair growth and help fill in those spots on the beard where hair will not grow. You can wear the balm alone for a fresh "just-showered" scent!

Get the 12 oz or 24oz. Refill pack Comes with a wooden spoon to refill your original jar. Never run out of your favorite 3-in-1 Butter-RICH moisturizer. The balm comes in a light CLEAN scented "Aqua Clean" and does NOT overpower cologne. 




      100% made with cocoa, mango, shea butters and premium oils.

    • RATED #1

      Best Skin Care Products with no parabens, fillers, water, alcohol, or preservatives!


      We know you'll find your favorite with or variety of scents


      Receive butter in 2 -3 days wrapped special to keep your product cool.


    What are the key ingredients in Miracle Butter Cream?

    Miracle Butter Cream stands out from typical Shea Butter products. We incorporate three key ingredients: MANGO BUTTER, COCOA BUTTER, and SHEA BUTTER, combining their nourishing qualities. Unlike many body butters that contain minimal butter& and lots of fillers, our formula prioritizes these natural butters. We use a cold-press process without heat.

    Will this butter help fade darks spots?

    Our pure butters can absolutely fade dark marks with regular use. We use the highest quality organic butter and oils. No water, alcohol, or chemical fillers. You get the pure, concentrated ingredients. That’s why our products work 🤗 Enjoy.

    Will the Hair Growth formula help my hair grow?

    Our hair growth formula promotes hair growth due to loss from many causes. Results vary b/c every individual is different. If the issue causing the loss is still present, the hair loss may continue. We do guarantee that our product contains 100% natural ingredients known to stimulate & regrow hair that has fallen from follicles that remain alive.

    Is Miracle Butter Cream Vegan?

    Meet our superstar "MIRACLE BUTTER CREAM". Crafted with care, this raw-vegan body butter comes in 17 tempting scents. It's not just any body butter - it's your VIP ticket to skin bliss, starring cocoa, mango & shea butters. Ready for the miracle? Dive in!