Gently caress your skin with our luxurious handmade soap, scented only with the purest essential oils!

Our soaps are so soothing and mild, they can be used on your FACE and BODY alike!

Our luxurious REAL soap cleanses gently, healthfully, and completely, leaving skin soft and hydrated. Unlike many commercially-sold soaps, it contains no harsh detergents such as sulfates that can damage the skin's protective barrier, triggering dehydration and dryness.

No fillers, detergents, or synthetics here - just pure, all-natural soap, perfect for sensitive skin and those concerned about their environmental impact. Experience a bar of REAL SOAP today!

Our Charcoal Activated Black Soap infused with Cedar wood & tea tree is a must-have for those with acne-prone skin! Achieve a smooth, soft, and clear complexion effortlessly.

For those with ultra-sensitive skin, try our all-natural unscented bar or the charcoal activated bar for a refreshing experience!

*Also grab our convenient SOAP BOX to keep your soaps long-lasting! Click HERE to buy now!

We scent our soaps with the utmost quality of essential oils in 5 varieties:

  • Mandarin Dream - Indulge in this delightful mix of lemon, lime and grapefruit atop a foundation of blood orange. Deliciously sweet and vibrant.
  • Lemon Verbena- This invigorating aroma is a blend of earthy and citrusy notes, providing a milder, sweeter version of lemony freshness.
  • Lavender Breeze- Uplifting aromas of rosemary and lavender surround you, offering soothing, alluring floral and woodsy scents. Together, these essential oils create a truly enchanting experience!
  • Mountain Mint: Experience a heavenly harmony of sweet spearmint and invigorating eucalyptus when you bathe with Mountain Mint. Transform your bathroom into a mint-scented sauna and take a deep breath.
  • All-Natural Castile - no scent, no palm oil! Our Castile Soap is made traditionally with 100% olive oil. It takes months to cure & perfect, but the luxurious result is worth the wait. Treat yourself to the gentle wash you deserve!
  • Charcoal Activated Black Soap- Infused with invigorating activated charcoal, cedarwood essential oil, and tea tree for achieving clear and smooth skin. Problem skin and blemishes are no match for this powerful combination, perfect for those suffering with acne or other skin woes.
      • Soap Ingredients: saponified olive oil • coconut • shea • castor • water • essential oils • sodium lactate
      • Charcoal Activated Soap Ingredients: saponified olive oil • coconut • shea • castor • water • essential oils • Activated Charcoal • sodium lactate


    Facial & Body Soap

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