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Looking to get SILKY SOFT FEET in a flash?

Say goodbye to dead skin and dry cracked heels! This revolutionary foot file, with NANO glass technology, will transform your feet into baby-smooth perfection in a matter of seconds. Watch the video of this file in action where you see the product photos on this page.

Transform the skin on the bottoms of your feet instantly with our innovative Foot File- Nano Glass Technology, designed to file your feet while they're dry. Rejuvenate and revitalize your feet so they become velvety-smooth to the touch.

Once your feet have been transformed to velvety perfection by our Foot File, give 'em a treat with your favorite Miracle Butter Cream. Or, perk up your tootsies with our exhilarating peppermint foot cream for some extra oomph in your step!

This tool outperforms everything else on the market - no danger like those pesky cheese graters, which can hurt your feet!

 It can be clean in no time with some hot, sudsy H2O. & Our handy dandy pouch will make it easy to tote around!


Foot File- Nano Glass Technology

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