Our Best Selling Miracle Butter Cream Body Butter

We can't create this scent fast enough.  It sells out as as soon as we restock our shelves. Moroccan Sun scented Miracle Butter Cream is our BEST SELLER that's loved by men and women alike.  The scent is simply intoxicating! Kids even love it. The best way to describe the scent it is that it's warm, clean, fresh, not too sweet, soft and fuzzy like your favorite candle!

That's why there's a page just for Moroccan Sun. It's in a class by itself. 

It's true notes are an elegant combination of pistachio top notes, a sweetened heart of jasmine with a slight hint of vanilla in the middle, and a woodsy base of musk that includes amber and sandalwood.

It's soft and sophisticated which makes it perfect for Winter or Summer. Also perfect for snuggling by the fire or going out for a night on the town.

*Moroccan Sun is also available in our best value bundle deal,  refill packs., or our exclusive Ceramic refillable dish.

#1 SELLER Moroccan Sun Miracle Butter Cream

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