Discover our beautiful Ceramic Butter Keeper - the perfect way to store your favorite Miracle Butter Cream! This stylish ceramic stone ware dish looks great on any bedroom or bathroom counter top, and is carefully crafted to withstand whatever lifespan you need it to. The slip-on bamboo wood top and silicone edge make the process simple and mess-free. Refill your dish with our eco-friendly, hand made 3-in-1 Miracle Butter Cream refill packs and help save the planet! Holds up to 32oz.

This butter keeper is sold empty - or get it customized with 32oz. of your favorite Miracle Butter Cream! Click Here  to upgrade.

Or you can experience the delight of seamlessly filling your butter keeper with our Miracle Butter Cream refill packs, available in either 12 or 24oz. To purchase, simply Click Here.



Ceramic Butter Keeper (Empty)

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