Captivated by our breathtaking teal-blue jars? Wait until you get a glimpse of our latest packaging—AND it's a must-have gift!

Treat yourself to this eye-catching 32oz. CERAMIC BUTTER KEEPER with a bamboo top full of your fav Miracle Butter Cream moisturizer! Stores up to 32 ounces of your favorite butter cream, it'll make a stunning addition to any nightstand, dresser or bathroom counter. Get yours today and enjoy Miracle Butter Cream in full force! Our butter keeper makes it incredibly simple to uncover the wooden lid and apply your favorite body butter after your soothing shower or bath - you're sure to ADORE it!

Our Butter Keeper offers a durable vessel to save your butter with the added bonus of reducing your plastic waste! Our logo is elegantly etched into the bamboo lid, complemented with a secure rubber seal that prevents any leaks. And when you're finished, simply clean it with warm sudsy water. Fill and refill with confidence, knowing that you're helping the planet with every use. Don't miss this simple and sustainable way to store your butter - get the Ceramic Butter Keeper today!


Tap HERE to purchase your Butter Keeper unfilled and refill it yourself!

OR, Replenish your butter keeper with a convenient refill pack--just click HERE!

Allow 4-6 days for our expertly trained staff to custom-craft your ceramic butter keeper filled with your preferred scent and get it ready for delivery! Could ship sooner, depending on current demand.

Choose one of the tantalizing scents below to fill your Butter Keeper and experience the custom touch!

MOROCCAN SUN - Top tantalizing notes of pistachio, a sugary heart of jasmine with a touch of vanilla, and a woody base of musk, amber, and sandalwood. Soft and chic, Moroccan Sun is a polished scent for guys and gals alike! (TOP SELLER!)

MANGO PEACH SUNRISE For those who adore fragrant aromas, this effervescent medley starts with a delightful combination of mango and peach. Sun-kissed and warm, base notes of sandalwood and petitgrain lend a mellow charm to this invigorating ambrosia.

BLACK CHERRY WOODS - Sweet black cherry punctuated by a whisper of Citrus. Lustrous Amber, Sugar, and Vanilla form a mesmerizing base, and Musk & Freesia grace the scent with an earthy elegance. (Unisex)

AMBER - Basks in a blend of Pachouli, Sandalwood & Lemon, creating a comfy & cozy atmosphere. The perfect unisex scent, this top seller is a must-have!

WHITE TEA - Enjoy the crisp, refreshing notes of Bergamot, Lavender, Mandarin, Thyme, Ginger, & Lemon - a clean unisex scent both men & women adore!

LAVENDER BABY - Experience the tranquil scent of Pure Lavender, with a hint of baby freshness, to instantly soothe and relax! Feel your worries melt away and drift off into a peaceful slumber with these calming aromas. (Unisex)

PURE LAVENDER - Relish in the POWER of Pure Lavender essential oil for calming and easing you into a deep restful sleep! Feel the tension from your day melt away and find total relaxation with every inhale of this aromatic essential oil.

ROSE WATER - Enhance your experience of a blooming rose garden with this light, fresh, and clean scent. It opens with hints of green leaves, lemon, and spice. Subtle hints of violet then lift the natural rose essence at the heart. End the journey with honey and sandalwood, creating an earthy and sweet finish.

HONEY GINGER - An alluring blend of spice & sugar, epitomized by natural Essential Oils Ginger, Cedar-wood, Geranium & Patchouli. This irresistible fragrance is both refreshing & appealing. (Unisex)

GRAPEFRUIT LEMONADE - A tantalizing twosome of Grapefruit, Lemongrass, + Lemon Essential Oils! Refresh + rejuvenate your senses with this crisp, bright scent that everyone will enjoy!

LEMON GRASS - A vibrant blend of citrusy Lemons and sweet, fresh Lemongrass! Boasting the benefit of Lemon Essential Oil for reducing hyper-pigmentation, this scent is also known to naturally repel mosquitos.

VANILLA - Sweet, creamy vanilla lives up to its name. Don’t blame us if you’re suddenly craving dessert! (Unisex)

ALMOND MILK & HONEY - A velvety fusion of sweet almond + delectable cream & honey, making this scent an ideal everyday companion for gents or ladies. Luxurious & sugary with an opulent almond undertone. (Unisex)

ALPINE BREEZE - An aromatic FRESH blend of bergamot, cedar-wood, lemon, lavender, mandarin orange, jasmine, and amber. Refresh your mind and reflect with this sumptuous, unisex scent!

AQUA CLEAN - Mesmerizes with top notes of zesty lemon, bright orange, and fresh ozone. Its heart of briny sea salt and delicate jasmine is balanced by a woody blend of powdery violet and warm cedar. A favorite amongst men - and everyone else!

UNSCENTED - 100% All Natural. Free of fragrance. Perfectly formulated to be gentle and safe when used on children, those with allergies, eczema, and psoriasis, or as a cream for the face or eyes.

All scents are recommended for men, women & children 2 years+

A Delicious Combination of 8 Easily Pronounceable Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Grape seed Oil & Castor Oil. Plus, Essential Oil and/or Certified Safe Fragrance Oil.

32oz. of MiracleButterCream customized in a Ceramic Butter Keeper

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